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Send a messageGeenaTKMa
rating: 9.8
(4518 votes)
I am a outgoing person who really enjoys life to the fullest. I like going out and dining and then taking in a movie or going dancing. I enjoy music and doing my best to stay in shape
Send a messagexBLoNde_HuNNi
rating: 9.4
(170 votes)
I'm a very sweet,outgoing girl who loves to shop! I get along with everyone, as long as you are not cocky. I have blonde hair,blue eyes,I'm 5'5',110lbs,and have 2 tats and 2 piercings.
Send a messageBlondeBuni
rating: 9.4
(503 votes)
well im 23 years old originally from Dallas, i have blonde straight long hair with blueish green eyes, im 5'3" tall and weigh 100lbs, bust/waist/hips are 36D-23-32, im a former model in dallas now in uk doing hairdressing, i describe myself as a very down to earth kinda girl who enjoys making friends meeting new people if you wanna know more add me on msn at xxx
Send a messageLuvMe4wh0iAm_x3
rating: 9.4
(180 votes)
I am an open-minded person! I get along with everyone and I try to help people with their problems. I love travelling, music(it's my life), photography, shopping, my boyfriend Ryan, the arts, poetry, and just having a fun time! *Being myself*
Send a message__briana
rating: 9.4
(299 votes)
there's really not much to say about me. I'm just trying to live out the "best years of my life.." I like to go crazy & "act a fool" on the weekends, I like to go on adventures & take late night trips up to the Little Dairy Manor for ice cream with the coolest people I know, I like rolling down hills & throwing shit at random people on the street in south apopka, oh & getting chocolate milkshakes thrown at me is pretty cool too, I like running around naked with my bestfriend & going 120 in a 35 zone. I'm one of those people who can have fun doing absolutely anything.. oh & I'm pretty fucking awesome. the end.
Send a messageacidkisses
rating: 9.4
(273 votes)
I'm Krystina, or Krys. Call me "Kryssie" and die. I'm originally from Chicago, but now reside in fxcking Hickville, Alabama. Joy. I have blonde hair, boobs, a tan, and wear makeup, so of course that makes me a stupid slut. I'm a college student, and I just switched my major to pre-law. I work full-time, and eat alot. I like candy. I don't do drugs nor do I smoke, because I'm not a fxcking idiot. I do drink like a champ, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite. Whatever. I hate hypocrites. But at least I'm not a hippy. Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Ataris, Sugarcult and Alkaline Trio are my favorite bands, but I'm also big on hip hop. Not all this mainstream sh!t, but real hip hop. I like boys, and I think that 99.9% of females are pure evil. I believe in God, but I'm not a bible thumper, and I refuse to entertain any absurd attempts at a religion debate, so don't start. I like people who have I.Q's over 20, and people who like me. I'm nice to people that I like, and everyone else can go die. The world is overpopulated anyway. Remember to have your pets spayed and neutered. Oh yeah, have a nice day!! :D
Send a messagemisst2486
rating: 9.4
(436 votes)
fun, outgoing, nice, and interesting
Send a messagedanab119
rating: 9.3
(258 votes)
Send a messagefoxiladie
rating: 9.3
(82 votes)
about me? hmmmm.... lets see, I think you should be the one to find it out ;)
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rating: 9.3
(160 votes)

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