And now you can play Scrambler with your Facebook pictures here!
Sooooooo, you've been reported as a fake, an impostor, phony, fraud, cheat, sham! Don't take this as a insult, it's a compliment! They don't believe you are who you say you are, meaning you're too incredibly hot to be real. If you're not incredibly hot, you might have the same picture as someone else or have professional pictures. You must have a salute picture up by the delete date or your account may be deleted.

Steps to post a salute:
1. Make a sign that says, or CM. Along with your screen name.
2. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign(clothed).
3. Go into the user area, and click on pictures. Go and upload the picture and make sure the Salute check box is checked.
4. As long as you have a salute picture, you can never be accused again.

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Recently reported fakes

  Username Number of reports Date first reported
acidkisses 1 7 December
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