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Category men
Date joined 2005-06-24 15:45:09
Last online 2010--0-8- 15: 0:5:37
Describe photo Groomsman
Rating 5.7 (129 votes)
State BC
Country Canada
Name Chris
Marital status Single
Sexuality Straight
What is your favorite color? Blue or green
What would you do for $100 million? not too much i wouldn't do
What is your favorite animal? Polar Bear...sure
If you had three wishes what would they be? two would involve money and health if you have those two things you don\'t need much else
Describe yourself about 6' 215 i work out alot so i\'m pretty strong but i\'ll be the first to admit i carry a few exta pounds, but i\'m working on that haha. My eyes are blue and my hair is lt. brown. My ears are pierced and i have a few small tatoos. I like to laugh and make others do the same. Sometimes i\'m a little short with people but I have a good heart.
What turns you on? Nice eyes and smile(y'know the way a girl can just look at you sometimes) a nice butt is cool, smart girls with a good sense of humour. And the way a girl smells can be just awesome. Also i hate to say it but bitchy girls... i almost wish it wasn\'t true but a girl with an attitude is just so hot! A girl who is aggressive is nice... not crazy aggressive just confident aggressive!
What turns you off? Dumb girls, whiners and girls who are too \'nice\' and too clingy
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? in a 7-11 bathroom...gross although the kissing was good
What is your hidden talent? i've been told i give great face... though i\'d like this talent to become less hidden haha
What irritates you? People who are stupid on purpose... it\'s worse than people who are actualy stupid
How would your friends describe you? sometimes sarcastic, funny (i always try to make people laugh) my friend Ashley says i\'m smart and interesting lol

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