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Category women
Date joined 2004-11-22 20:28:08
Last online 2010--0-2- 27: 0:6:10
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Age 17
Country New Zealand
Describe yourself im fun and i like being with my friends.. i play netball and im into drama.. :) and i like listening to music, hip-hop and punk-ish mostly (kinda a weird combo.. i know :P) the rest of my photos are here
What is your favorite animal? all of them :)
What is your favorite color? hmm.. EVERY COLOUR :D
What would you do for $100 million? *shrugs*
How would your friends describe you? FUN FUN FUN.. hopefully.. :p
What is your hidden talent? i can shake my bootylicious ass.. :P
What irritates you? put downs.. insecurity..
Marital status Undecided
MSN im_ur_sunshyn
Name Laura
Sexuality Straight
State (private field)
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? ... shush its a secret..
If you had three wishes what would they be? WORLD PEACE, WORLD PEACE, and lots of money for me..hehe :P
What turns you off? sleazyness, cheaters, mean-ness.. guys that ask for "special" photo's (it ain't happenin)..
What turns you on? cute-ness, sincerity, toned body, style,fun..
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