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Profile for krazygrrl84
Category women
Date joined 2003-07-09 18:48:12
Last online 2014--1-2- 30: 0:2:34
Describe photo Um... hi.
Rating 5.5 (38 votes)
Wins 41
Losses 37
Age 20
Marital status Single
Country United States
Sexuality Straight
What is your favorite color? black
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? like where did u kiss them?ex:on the nose, or like the spot u guys kissed ?ex: in a bath room
How would your friends describe you? Fucking Awesome
What is your favorite animal? these are weird Q's, but I guess a dog?
What is your hidden talent? how can it be hidden if it's a talent b/c most people show their talent and stuff
What irritates you? questions like these
If you had three wishes what would they be? ummmm...?
AOL krazygrrl84
Yahoo krazygrrl842000
Name Andrea
Describe yourself I mostly like emo/punk/indie music. I'm so scene that I have my own scene with kids following it. I like to go in pits and dance hardcore. So who wants to dance w/me.......?
What turns you on? Neat people.
What turns you off? Un-neat people.

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