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Category men
Date joined 2005-09-29 17:11:39
Last online 2010--0-6- 24: 1:7:11
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Age 24
Country United States
Describe yourself It's hard to find words to describe something as abstract as your personality. The words i'd use to describe myself are the same words everyone else uses to describe themselve's yet have completely different personalities. Maybe someone could vicariously understand my personality through anecdotes. Eh, they take up too much space, I'll just do the best that i can. I've never had a headache or heartburn and I think that's because I'm pretty stress free even in the most stress full situations. I tend to intuitively believe that the situation will always work itself out and everything will be ok and i think for that reason everything in my life has always turned out ok. I'm a pretty laid back guy and pick and choose what i should and shouldn't get serious about. The things i get serious about is one of those personality traits that are almost impossible to describe in here. I love to be active! I'm up to do anything at anytime. I mean that by the way, anytime. My absolute goal in life is to be retired by the age of 32 and be able to afford to do anything i want! This will include mostly travel and seeing everything before I die. There's a book called, "1001 Things You Must See Before You Die." I plan on seeing every single one. One of my favorite things to do is to laugh and make other people laugh, it's one of the greatest feelings in the world, especially making people laugh that you care about. I like playing video games and i love going to concerts (rock/metal/that sort of thing).
What is your favorite animal? Penguins! those animals are studs
What is your favorite color? b l a c k
What would you do for $100 million? slam a door on some kids nuts.
How would your friends describe you? how the fuck should i know?
What is your hidden talent? I'm pretty badass with the yo yo. i mean, i can pull off some wicked tricks not just "rock the baby" I'm pretty good at getting women to bake me pies.
What irritates you? stupid people. nothing irritates me more than ignorant, stupid people. Bad tasting pies.
Marital status Single
Name Kris
Sexuality Straight
State CA
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? In a bathtub full of pepto bisthmul
If you had three wishes what would they be? to be able to do what i want, to go fast, and to meet death with a smile on my face.
What turns you off? bad hygiene. dirty finger nails. no sense of humor. prissyness. all i can think of for now
What turns you on? Lately, brunettes. but you know, i'm not going to discriminate against other hair colors. :) confidence is a big turn on. a girl that can be goofy and isn't too caught up in what other people think about them is a big turn on as well.

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