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Profile for NatiePoo
Category men
Date joined 2005-04-02 18:47:40
Last online 2011--0-2- 21: 0:6:27
Describe photo careful...I bite
Rating 7.5 (13 votes)
Age 21
AOL mystryes
Country United States
Describe yourself I\'m should know me...cause I am the second coolest person on this site next to Bob...
What is your favorite animal? penguin...duhhh...
What is your favorite color? brown in general though
What would you do for $100 million? two chicks same time....
How would your friends describe you? the whore
What is your hidden talent? I have to wear sunglasses or laser beams shoot out of my eyes like cyclops
What irritates you? when I gotta poop but can\'t
Marital status Single
Name Ash's little whore
Sexuality Straight
State KS
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? in my parents bed...yeah....high five for hooking up with chicks in your parents bed while they aren\'t home
If you had three wishes what would they be? to be like mr. fantastic from the fantastic four...marry some really hot chick like donna live in jamaica with my pet flamingo padre
What turns you off? ugly people...cause I\'m that snotty ...and I also hate those people who wear skate clothes and say their a skater...little bastards...
What turns you on? is it wrong to say boobs..cause I like em...oh and lip piercings...and monroes....(creaming right now)
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