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Category men
Date joined 2010-04-12 15:25:12
Last online 2010--0-4- 24: 0:3:04
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Rating 5.3 (140 votes)
What turns you off? Fatties
What is your favorite color? Gray
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? Armpit. Wait. Does asshole count? Because I've given rim jobs.
What would you do for $100 million? Show me the money, then we'll talk limits.
State MS
Country United States
Name Johnny
Age 23
Marital status Dating
Sexuality Bisexual
Describe yourself Nerdy computer gamer chef and wine enthusiast with a sex addiction and a thing for drinking blood I hate pretzels. Fuck you.
What turns you on? Tall, lithe women that can bend in interesting ways. I like girls that want to be taught something. I get really turned on when my girlfriend cums so hard she blacks out. Sometimes when I look at the price of electronics components, I get wood. I like sinking my teeth into soft flesh in the final, shining moments of coitus to send the message that you were, and always will be, prey to me. I found you, hooked you, ate you, fucked you, and ate you again. Now get out. It's your friend's turn.
What is your favorite animal? Jaguar
What is your hidden talent? All of my talents are right there in the open.
What irritates you? lolcats
If you had three wishes what would they be? Blood, Sex, and Booze
How would your friends describe you? I'm that guy that your parents warned you about. I'm the cutting phrase on the edge of your tongue that you're too much of a pussy to give life to. I fucked your sister, I'm scheming on your mom, and if you're cute I'd probably fuck you too. I will kill your family. I will cook you dinner. I'm awesome.

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