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Category men
Date joined 2004-01-01 00:00:00
Last online 2010--0-5- 29: 2:0:12
Describe photo My pops and I
Rating 5.9 (185 votes)
Age 27
Country United States
Describe yourself My name is Jeremy....I\'m 27 years old...and I\\\\\\\'m 5\\\\\\\'8\\\\\\\", 130lbs,Blonde hair,Blue eyes! I have 1 Beautiful baby boy named Ashton Griffin Taylor. He was born May 15th, 2004 at 4:29am. I\\\\\\\'m from Shreveport,Louisiana! I\\\\\\\'m what you would call your typical nice guy but really there\\\\\\\'s nothing typical about me...I have a heart of gold and i\\\\\\\'m very sweet! But being sweet comes with it\\\\\\\'s problems but thats ok. I like being different and no matter what anyone tells you always be yourself!
What is your favorite animal? Dog....Man\'s Best Friend!
What is your favorite color? Blue/Silver
What would you do for $100 million? Probably Anything........
How would your friends describe you? Kind,Funny,and Sweet
What is your hidden talent? Tongue...Wanna know ask me........
What irritates you? Bad Drivers.....People who judge others....People who use others....Alot more.......
Marital status Single
Name G㧧
Sexuality Straight
State LA
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? Dont Really Remember or Care!
If you had three wishes what would they be? 1.Immortality 2.Money 3.True Love
What turns you off? People who use others,People who judge others on there appearance alone.Especially on what they wear or how they look,and anyone who is Two-Faced.Anyone who disses my \\\\\\\"Love\\\\\\\" (Smashing Pumpkins) or disses my group Insane Clown Posse.....Ya\\\\\\\'ll straight up suck!!! \\\\\\\"Always Remember Love Is Suicide\\\\\\\"
What turns you on? Sexy Eyes,Cute Smile,Sweet,Great Personality,Someone who can make me laugh,and any girl with a heart of gold...One thing I am is a Clown...So if your scared of Clowns don\\\\\\\'t bother......
Yahoo Spike3380

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