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Profile for DBaseball
Category men
Date joined 2002-09-17 16:59:11
Last online 2011--0-4- 28: 1:8:27
Describe photo Me
Rating 5.7 (204 votes)
Age 31
AOL TheWickdDontRest or on AOL:
Country United States
Describe yourself Witty, goofy at times, a shoulder to cry on, good cook, atheletic, caring...
What is your favorite animal? My little Yorkshire Terrier Daisy...dogs in general
What is your favorite color? Maize and Blue (Michigan fans understand)
What would you do for $100 million? Show me the money and let's talk
What is your hidden talent? If I told you, you'd probably wanna see
What irritates you? Dang near everything
Marital status Single
MSN For the contests: DUSTINLINN@AOL.COM
Name Dusty
Sexuality Straight
State AZ
If you had three wishes what would they be? Bin Laden...dead...Hussein...dead...3 more wishes
What turns you off? Girls who think they're better than they are, girls who become idiots when they drink, being nice and having it thrown back in my face
What turns you on? A gal who knows how to take care of herself (soft skin, nice hair, etc), a good sense of humor, a great kiss, a great smile, white t-shirt, broke in blue jeans
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