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Profile for Coeur De Lion
Category men
Date joined 2006-09-18 05:30:35
Last online 2013--0-8- 03: 1:9:43
Describe photo moth face
Rating 5.5 (2 votes)
Age 30
Country Great Britain
Describe yourself I'm the coolest cat in town.I'm a 1/4 nigerian which ppl find hard to believe I''ve just graduated from Uni witha business studies degree. I'm currently working on my own website...Oh, I will definately make my first million by the time I'm 35. I'm into my football, boxing, horse racing, clubbing and music. My fave bands are oasis,stone roses, happy mondays and faithless.
What is your favorite animal? Cat, horse, woman
What is your favorite color? Red, black, white
What would you do for $100 million? I'll probably earn it. hehe
How would your friends describe you? Fiery, caddish, unpredictable
What is your hidden talent? I can make my pecs dance lol
What irritates you? Quitters
Marital status Single
Name Nick
Sexuality Straight
Strangest place you have ever kissed someone? On the moon ;)
If you had three wishes what would they be? No more poverty, no wars, general happiness
What turns you off? bad manners
What turns you on? Gorgeous lips, big brown eyes and sexy hips

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