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CuteGifts are small virtual gifts that you can give to anyone on Cutemeter - they are Cutemeter's social currency. As in the real world, the nicest (or maybe the cutest?) people get the most gifts. The "cutest with the mostest" will be made Cutemeter King & Queen at the end of each month.

If you ever tried meeting a cute girl or guy online, you know that getting people's attention isn't always easy. You want to chat with that special someone and get to know them better, but your cutie just isn't replying to your private messages? Now you can really get their attention by sending a CuteGift.

The gifts that you receive say a lot about you, and they are displayed right in your profile page for everyone to see. Cute girls tend to get lots of flowers from guys, and cute guys get macho gifts from girls. So create your wishlist (if you haven't done so yet) and start giving and receiving!

Send CuteGifts to people you want to meet (you know that works better than chatting them up randomly!), to a friend who might be feeling down, as Happy Birthday greetings, just to be nice to somebody, or to let people know what you think about them!

We are adding new gifts all the time!

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Check out who is giving the most gifts - the Most Generous list

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Select  Cute Points
Wildflower: Know a girl who appreciates natural beauty? 50
Wedding Dress : Ready for an e-wedding? Buy your e-wife the beautiful dress she always wanted 150
Tiarra: For the princess in your life 100
Stud: 'Nuff said 100
Shining Knight: Has a man saved you? Let him show off his chivalrous nature by giving him this token 50
Rose: The classy way to tell a girl she is beautiful 50
Pearl Necklace: a sensual gift for a sensual girl 50
Peach Rose: For the pretty girl who wants something a little unique 50
Off Roader: When a tough guy wants to blaze his own path 50
Necklace: Let your favorite girl look pretty and gain CM Points as well 100
Motorcycle: Let that aggressive guy on CM show off his devil-may-care attitude 37.5
King's Crown: Think your man deserves to be the king of CM? Give him the crown so he can wear it proudly 75
Gun: A pistol for the macho guy 37.5
Engagement ring: How else are you going to propose to your e-bride? 200
E-Wedding ring: for your e-wife or e-husband 100
Carnation: A casual way of saying thanks 25
Cannon: The perfect gift for the explosively creative Cmer 37.5
Burger: The gift for a man's man 37.5
Bracelet: Think a girl is cute but she'd look even cuter with something pretty and shiny on her wrist? 75
Basketball: Want to make a guy feel athletic? Buy him a ball so he can show off his hoops skills! 25

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